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It's actually sort of refreshing to see a tower defense game with some story attached to it, and the premise in itself is actually sorta cool, but it never really becomes anything but something that could have been cool.

Gameplay-wise, it was mediocre, nothing new, but fun enough I guess. I could've really done without the small segments after each level though, walking through darkness with melodramatic phrases everywhere is neither engaging or harrowing, it just gets tedious.

As for art, it was alright I guess. Lots of lazy gradients and unimpressive art, but that's quite commonplace.

The big problem with the game though is that apparently you either forgot to bugtest it, or just got too lazy to fix the bugs that were there. Either way, you really should have taken the time to work them out, because so many of them are incredibly annoying, and some downright gamebreaking. Non-working upgrades, turret not responding to you pressing the fire button, space button becoming unresponsive and so forth.


The concept has already been done in I Wanna Be The Guy, but I guess it's fine. The game is a pretty good time-waster.

That is, it would be if the programming was more refined. Several times when I tried to do a roll up a two-block wall, it simply refused to register it, either forcing me to jump, making the Total Showoff medal almost impossible to get, or making me die as I don't have the time to jump out of the spot I'm in.

If it gets fixed, it'll be alot more enjoyable. Otherwise it just gets you frustrated when the roll doesn't work and it ends up killing you.


Well played, sir.

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The FPS is hurting my eyes. :(

Great, another one.

I'm amazed that this got past judgement. Fucking 12 year olds.

That was pretty good

I havent beaten it yet, well i got some insomnia but i doubt that was it :P

well good game, next time maybe a little easier to beat?

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pretty hard but...

its a pretty cool game. and for all of you who cant fin the key, there is none! just click on the number 11 on the clock in the kitchen and the door will open! then click the empty box, press yes, and there! End!

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Clickety Clickety click!

this... is... teh... mastrpice... click... *dies*

I am the boss, this is champagne, merry christmas.

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